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Determining the Best Bale Wrapper Device for Your Farm’s Sustainability

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Jakartakita.com – There are two popular types of machinery in the husbandry industry, and there are TMR feed mixers and bale wrappers. Both are extremely important as maintaining silage or feed nutrition is your duty as a livestock and husbandry entrepreneur. Animals that you care for, like your own children, will have good stamina if they consume feed that is stored properly. Bale wrapper manufacturer is one of the critical factors that makes it possible for us to maintain the nutrition of feed by wrapping the feed with silage film. 

Bale wrapper will go through the process of compacting the material into a block or bale, which is then held using plastic. 

Some hold the bales by utilizing wire ties. This is a time-consuming balling process but can be very entertaining for the workers. They can relax for a while when watching the dry feed or hay being wrapped by the machine. 

The Ultimate Uses of Bale Wrapper

The price of animal feed tends to rise significantly around the world. This is influenced by weather factors, land fires by people who want to make multiple profits, rising fertilizer prices, and many more. Many farmers have switched fermented feed through the balling process. 

The use of a bale wrapper is certainly the latest tool that can bring several benefits. 

The Method That Farmers Have Been Longing For

A Bale wrapper is a method of storing feed or rations that will be used in the TMR machine. This method improves the quality of the bales as they do not spoil quickly, and the storage time is much longer. 

You can store round or square bales for the next year or year and a half to overcome feed difficulties due to factors such as weather and high distribution costs. 

Improved Economy

A farm that implemented bale wrapper work for the hay, feed, and silage they collected when the weather was favorable proved to be able to improve their economy even by 100 percent. 

They wrapped the feed very well and started using it in difficult times. They do not need to buy feed from others, and their animals can get proper nutrition in any season. If there are surplus bales in storage, they can sell them at the total cost of making the bales to the end. 

By making a small profit, let’s say 5 to 10 percent, and they already have a new wetland to increase their profit for the month. 

Work Efficiency

The balling process does require a long duration. Especially if there are tens or hundreds of bales to be wrapped in your empty farmland, however, this process is labor-efficient because afterward, you only need to store the bales in the warehouse for use during this year and the following year.

Once the hay bale storage process is complete, you no longer need to look for fresh forage. If you are looking for a new feed, it is because there is an order for new bales to be delivered to various regions, and it will give you material benefits.

Aesthetic Touch to Your Farm

An arrangement of bales in an empty field or the front of a barn looks very pleasing to the eye. Who would have thought that many visitors to your farm would make the bale storage area an attractive photo spot?

You can also start selling this aesthetic area to visitors who are striving for beautiful, different, aesthetic, and Instagrammable photos. 

Choosing a Bale Wrapper Wisely

There is no need to put too much thought into choosing a bale wrapper. You only need to choose one of the following three main shapes.

Turntable Type

The bale wrappertechnology allows farmers to cut, roll, and wrap in one day. If you have a few bales, you can use this type of bale wrapper. This wrapper uses two independently driven rollers and can ensure even turning off the bales.

In-Line Type

You need this bale wrapper for a very large number of bales. It works quite simply by placing the bales in neat rows along the yard. The bale will then be placed on top of the wrapping saddle and will be pushed forward by the pushing ram. The manufacturer will then wrap each bale sequentially into a long tube.

Satellite Type

This bale wrapper has hydraulically driven bale support rollers. Then the hydraulically driven rotating satellite arm will carry the roll of plastic film and the dispensing unit. 

Have you chosen the right bale wrapper to use on your farm? So, be careful in choosing so that you can earn the benefits soon. Good luck!

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